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The idea for Multihorse Finland came from a need to combine all equestrian knowledge from our family to one running business. The experience what we have had come along with many years of working with horses.

Multihorse Finland tarjoaa hevosalan palveluita, kuten tallituurauksia, kengitystä ja ratsastusvalmennusta, Hämeen, Varsinais-Suomen sekä Uudenmaan alueella. Viro ja muu Suomi sopimuksen mukaan. Yrityksen kotipaikka on Hämeenkoski, Hollola. Ota yhteyttä, niin jutellaan lisää!

More is more.


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Our services


Alex Muurinen does horse shoeings and hoof trimmings at Southern Finland. He is able to travel farther if there is more than three customers. Alex's key points are accuracy and calmness. No limits about breeds or horse sizes.

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Stable services

Helping with daily tasks at riding schools, trotters or smaller home stables. Riding and driving, working as a show groom. Making feeding plans by using client's own feed brands.

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Myynti ja valmennus

Jälleenmyytäviin tuotteisiin kuuluvat mm. Helite Equestrian -paukkuliivit. Lisäksi välitämme pienimuotoisesti harrastetason hevosia ja poneja Baltiasta. Tarjoamme myös ratsastusvalmennusta este- ja koulupuolella, n. HeC-HeA-tasoisille sekä 1-2-tasolla kilpaileville.

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"Equestrian art is the perfect understanding and harmony between horse and rider." - Nuno Oliveira

Team Multihorse

Alex Muurinen

Alex (s. 1991) has studied horse shoeing at Kiuruvesi, Hingunniemi. He has been taught by Hannu Lehmikangas and Jukka Kemiläinen. Alex has been doing farrier work since 2011-2012. He has shown that he is particularly good with young and sensitive horses. Alex tries to improve his knowledge as often as he can. He is aiming for farrier qualification studies.

Penina Peltonen

Taustatukena toimiva Penina (s. 1987) auttaa mieluusti erilaisissa konsultaatioissa ja tuntee erityisen hyvin hevosalan mediamuodot. Hänellä on myös laaja kontaktiverkosto Virossa sekä muualla Baltiassa mm. myyntihevosten suhteen. Koulutukseltaan Penina on mm. hevostenhoitaja, SRL:n harrasteohjaaja, SRL:n I-tason ratsastusvalmentaja sekä liiketalouden merkonomi. Tällä hetkellä hän työskentelee media-alan freelancerina ja opiskelee kansainvälistä kauppaa LAMK:issa.

Prices and more information

Invoicing is only for professionals. Another customers should prepare for payment by cash, card or Pivo application. Alex doesn't do medical shoeings or hot fitting.



- Basic shoeing 64 eur
- Basic at winter 75-85 eur
- Hoof trimming 25-30 eur
- Loose shoe 15-20 eur
- Travel costs 0,45 eur / km

All accessories are priced separately.

Prices doesn't include VAT.


- Stable work 15 eur / hour
- Feeding plans 10 eur
– Valmennustunti 30 eur / h
– - Travel costs 0,45 eur / km

Prices doesn't include VAT.

Long-term periods can be arranged.

All services are combined with other needed help.


Alex is doing horse shoeing
and hoof trimming also
in Estonia with
agreed schedule
(1-2 times per month).

Prices 30-60 eur (winter shoes
with studs 75 eur), including
VAT and traveling fees.

With several horses
possible to set discount.

Helite Equestrian Airbag -vests

Via Multihorse you can also buy Helite Equestrian Airbag -vests! Helite isprotecting rider's neck from back and sides, also hips and chest from both sides. Vest protects also vital organs and whole back from neck to coccyx. Helite Airbag will fill up in 0,1 seconds and it goes off when rider falls from saddle to any direction. After fall the vest will empty itself in few minutes. Air bullet can be easily change by anyone!

Every model includes movable airbag, except Airnest. Airbag can be attached to another model. In selection we have Gilet and Prestige (softshell-vest), Blouson (softshell-jacket) and Show-jacket. Prices from 499 eur. Information and orders: or from our webstore. Also check this video.

Contact us


Multihorse Finland
Hämeenkoski (Hollola)
Y: 2995594-3
WhatsApp / tel. +358 46 588 0894 or +358 46 545 8905

Photos: Pixabay, Penina Peltonen, Anni Ihalainen & Alex Muurinen

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